Guaranteed Links From LDMLB Service

With the Link Detox Maintenance with Link Building Service (LDMLB), at least 5 high quality links are built each month. These are always non-promotional, editorial links in professionally written articles. These links are manually placed by site owners and/or bloggers that we have contacted and established a relationship with. This is a time consuming process, which is why we will only guarantee to find 5 links per month. However these links will be well worth it and help to strengthen your link profile.

Because we are closely monitoring the types of links that your competitors have, your links will blend in perfectly with the type of links that Google expects to see. This means that while improving the rankings of your domain you will be safe from any Google Penalties. Also remember that a monthly Link Detox is performed with the LDM and LDMLB services, so that if any links are acquired that are undesirable, they can be dealt with immediately.

Link sources are not chosen for the classic (and often inaccurate) metrics such as DA, TF and so on. Instead we use the LinkResearchTools Link Opportunity Review Tool to assess the Link Detox Risk as well as the strength of the link using the LRT Power and LRT Trust metrics. Traffic is also taken into consideration.

If you want to see some examples of the types of links that we have built, please contact us.


  • Links will generally stay live for years, but 90 days is always guaranteed
  • The metrics of the link source are chosen to be excellent at the time of link placement, but may vary over time
  • Articles may include links to other domains too, if this is a natural thing to do.