Rick Lomas

Huge Drop in Traffic on Halloween 2018 Update November 9, 2018 John Mueller from Google has confirmed below that the space does not matter. I shall leave this article live for a little while so that people can understand why I came to the wrong conclusion. It turns out that it was just a complete [...]

Quick Backlinks Tool The QBL gives fast information about any website and its backlinks. Example use: If somebody offers you a link on their website you can quickly (less than 60 seconds) decide if it is going to be worthwhile or not If you find an expired domain that is for sale, you can quickly [...]

This is a question I get asked a lot. I would say that if your site was doing great without using any black hat SEO and then you hired some old school SEO company who fired thousands of worthless links at your site which got you penalised the answer is no. If however your site [...]

I posted this in a private Link Research Tools Facebook Group today. My post said; “I was explaining (over dinner) to my 10 year old daughter, Madeline, that Penguin 3.0 might happen tonight. She knew how Penguin 1.0 devastated our family in 2012 – so she was horrified. I then explained that it is now [...]

The popularity of re-targeting ad campaigns (i.e. showing ads to users that have already visited or interacted with your brand) has grown over recent years.  Anecdotal evidence from advertisers has pointed towards re-targeting as being a cost-effective alternative to more wider-reach display ads. This anecdotal evidence has now been confirmed with quantitative evidence from a [...]

Everyone in the SEO world has been speculating about the next Google Penguin update. I must admit I was expecting a 2 year anniversary update sometime around April 21st-23rd, but it never happened. I thought I would have some insight into it, especially as I am hanging around with some top notch SEO dudes at [...]

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