Sent With A Loving Kiss

SWALK advert in Marie Claire

SWALK advert in Marie Claire

The website (or SWALK as it get abbreviated to) is the latest web site from Graham Winn and Co from Flowercard. At the moment the company relies on quite a lot of offline media to get the sales. They are certainly hitting the right places such as Marie Claire magazine, but the aim now is to increase the organic traffic so that less can be spent on call center fees and offline media.

The site specialises in selling personalised chocolate gifts for all occassions. The common use for gifting personalised chocolate is for birthdays and anniversaries. Do not forget though that there are super thoughtful people who send gifts for all sorts of occassions, like passing the driving test, doing well in exams or just to say thank you. SWALK are also very keen to expand their sales further into the corporate market. The personalisation process can work really well in the corporate workplace; imagine a great bonus being accompanied by every employee receiving a personalised chocolate bar or a tin of personalised chocolates. For some companies this would be seen as a very thoughtful gesture by their employees or team.

SWALK are now using the services offered by Indexicon to keep their inbound link profile healthy. Timing became a bit tight as they became a client in September 2014. On first examination their link profile looked slightly on the dangerous side, there had been no crazy link building, but they had picked up some rather toxic looking links along the way. These were quickly disavowed and Link Detox Boost was ran to get the Google Bot to crawl the links in the disavow file. This happened during the week before Google Penguin 3.0 was launched on the weekend of October 18th, 2014. We were happy to see that Sent With A Loving Kiss was completely unaffected by the evil Penguin. Happy Days!

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