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Wordpress BeginnerMy friend Jorge who I met in Serre Chevalier, France last year has been making a site using WordPress as a Content Management System, he had a few questions about it which he asked me about on Facebook, but it’s stuff worth sharing so I thought it would make some good content here on Indexicon.

Hi Rick, the website is looking al right I think so far but as a novie at this, I hope you don’t mind too much me asking a few (fare few lol questions) please, merci beacoup… Ok, they are listed below

Q: Area of Website coverage – how do we know how large an area people can find the website from geographically?

A: Oh man, it’s the World Wide Web! As soon as you publish something on the web anyone can see it who has any kind of internet access, on a computer, phone, ipod or xbox, playstation or web TV , it’s just a matter of how are they going to find it? I quite famously made a page called beekeeping and making honey in the orkney isles, just to prove how easy it is to get a Google number one, but the trade off is to try and do that with a phrase that will be profitable for you.  It’s a whole different science and art called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Q: Copyright for Photos en website – what are the rules for this and how does it work?

A: I can’t offer any legal advice about this, but most images will be copyrighted, so don’t use them. Do I? Hell yeah! – mainly because I’m just like that – I just try and steal images from sites that are in a different niche to me, so hopefully they never stumble across them.  Having said that, it is always better to have as much original material on your site as possible for SEO reasons, so if you are going to steal an image, edit it a bit and rename it at least.  There are plenty of photos you can legally have, just Google royalty free images and you will find plenty. Also look for copyleft images these are images that you can use as long as you credit the creator – cool. Best thing to do is buy a camera, a crap one will do, you never need anything wider than 1000px on the web.

Q: How do we change the name of the website/blog and or name, once we’ve already put one in?

A: On you can go to Settings>General and change your title and tagline, but I believe you may have chosen a weird URL like, which you can’t change – just make another, who cares – they’re free!!! It is worth having your primary keyphrase in the URL for SEO purposes, e.g.

Q: How do people find the website on-line i.e- when you type in the website in the google bar or whatever, will it come up ??? Or are their certain thing’s we have to do for that too happen?(similar to question 1)

A: See question 1 answer, but also Google SEO tips – above all provide original, useful and informative content – it’s a much stronger long term strategy than any short term spammy techniques that people like me may use 🙂

Q: Do you know if Word-press have examples or a similar model of somebody selling a business? For Art-history?

A: put this exact phrase into Google (with the quotes) : “proudly powered by wordpress” “art history”

Q: What do you think about including Testimonials of people who’ve been on past courses and really would recommend it to others on our website?

A: A very strong strategy, I’ll also try and cover using Google Places for testimonials later on here, that’s a well cool way to have searchable testimonials too.

Q: Yayy LAST ONE …How can we create a photo montage/collage on the front page of the website? It seems very technically challenging..

A: I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but you could just play around adding images and see how it looks, or just make one big image in Photoshop or something like that. I will say though, make sure you have about 300 words on your home page, so that a search engine has at least some idea what your site is about.

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