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Les MalfonctionnairesI had this message from my mate Eddie Castellan today.  The information is worth sharing, so I’m answering his questions here:

Q. I thought you’d be the man to know this. I constructed Les Malfonctionnaires website using my geriatric Dreamweaver 4. At present, it links to a MySpace with our demo tracks on it. I want to install a player and the tracks on the site and lose the MySpace. How would I do this?

A: Eddie if you host your own audio and lots of people access your tunes (hopefully) you will end up paying extra for caning your bandwidth at your hosting company and it will also slow your site down.  It’s better to host it somewhere else for free and use their player. Use soundcloud, here are some videos I have made about using Soundcloud.

You can easily grab the embed code and put a neat player on your site, here is one I did earlier…

01 Lose by Active Loop Zone

Keep your MySpace page up there, but link it back to your main site (rather than the other way), the idea is to build a network of sites, linking to your main site with 1 way links (NOT reciprocal) which will push it up the search engines. MySpace links are very powerful, so don’t lose them. Even better, the blog function on MySpace works very well too, so write some stuff on there and use anchor text links to link back to your site.

Q I think there’s also a bit of Facebook software, which allows you to install a Like button on the website, linking to the Facebook page. Again, where do you access this?

A. just go to it’s very self explanatory. Here is one I made earlier (well a few second ago actually)

Q. Please go and Like our page. I’ve liked Lemmy but then all us Staffordshire persons must stick together . . .
cheers, Ed

A. No problem Eddie, remind me of the URL???

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